Our Cabinet Refinishing Services Are What Your Home Needs in Huntersville, NC

Give Your Cabinets a Face-Lift

Cabinets can be expensive. When you want to make a cost-effective change, contact NHance Unifour to schedule cabinet refinishing service. We'll strip the current stain or paint from your existing cabinets and apply a new finish. That way you can update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without investing in completely new cabinets.

Our cabinet refinishing services work best on cabinets that don't need major repairs. We'll make your cabinets look brand-new. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment in Huntersville, NC.

Benefits of cabinet refinishing services

Benefits of cabinet refinishing services

When you choose to schedule cabinet repair or refinishing service, you're saving money and extending the lifespan of your cabinets. Our cabinet refinishing process involves:

  • Removing grease and built-up dirt
  • Revitalizing the look of your existing cabinets
  • Restoring the luster of your cabinets
  • Performing minor repairs to create a clean surface
  • Completing the project without leaving any dust, odors or mess
You can count on our team when you need a cabinet repair or update. Call 828-381-5252 today to learn more.